Timeshare Industry

Virtual Check makes timeshare payment operations and maintenance accessible, reliable, and secure.

An elevated way to pay and stay.

The timeshare industry offers valuable vacation opportunities and can generate profitable returns. Often considered high-risk by payment managers, timeshare professionals may not qualify for merchant accounts, ACH, or virtual check programs. Virtual Check specializes in working with mid to high-risk clients. We welcome timeshare professionals to harness the power of our electronic payment processing solutions.

How Virtual Check Works

By countering fraud, speeding up check verification, and supporting the high standards of your business, our cost-effective check payment processing protects your finances and drives progress.

Merchants can accept eCheck payments online, over the phone, or via mail. Every transaction is authenticated through our industry leading CheXshield check verification before funds are deposited into your account—quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity. We save you time and money by minimizing or eliminating returns and chargebacks.

Virtual Check seamlessly integrates with shopping carts and other payment systems you currently have in place. Online payment pages make payments simple and safe, for you and your clientele.

Our customizable Virtual Terminal is intuitive, user-friendly, and includes reporting capabilities to effectively manage cash flow. If your timeshare business receives large volume of checks, Virtual Check simplifies processes with the option to bundle checks into batch files.

Why Virtual Check?

Check processing in real-time
Fraud prevention tools
Encrypted data transmission
Recurring billing and payment options
Personalized Virtual Terminal
Bank routing
Batch processing
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