Remote Deposit Capture

Virtual Check's RDC allows secure deposits directly into your bank account. Our features safely process images of scanned checks and grant you access to a customized Virtual Terminal.

Remote Deposit Capture Process

Conveniently scan and send checks anytime, anywhere.

Merchants submit eCheck information directly into Virtual Check’s protected database.

Our team prepares your electronic deposit by batching checks of any volume into a single deposit.

We use high-capacity check scanners to deposit checks directly into your bank account.

Your depository bank routes checks for clearing to assure authenticity.

Remote Deposit Capture Advantage

Electronic transactions are swift and safeguarded; and accelerated check clearing reduces the risk of fraud.
Our system supports your payment processing schedule. Initiate transactions at your convenience—any time of day or night, any day of the week.
Retain your existing bank account and consolidate deposits. Virtual Check’s fees are typically lower than traditional banking fees.
View submitted deposit reports with images, status, and customized data entry fields.
Access exporting capabilities for accounting programs.
Remote deposit capture feature helps and safe guards check clearing