CheXshield Check Verification

CheXshield reduces or entirely eliminates returned checks. Our patented system quickly identifies bad checks from fraudulent sources and validates payments in real-time.

Extensive Databases

CheXshield accesses nearly 13 million unique account and records and our databases are connected to nearly 200,000 retail locations nationwide. Fraudulent payment detection happens in seconds.

Studies show that 75 percent of bounced transactions can be prevented if checks are verified through a check verification system. Empower your business with CheXshield.

Bad Checks

CheXshield has a national database of violators that is cross-referenced against all forms of payment. Our advanced analytics, best-in-class technology, and continual returns analysis allow businesses to operate securely and without excessive fees most financial institutes charge.

Every check submitted through Virtual Check’s Virtual Terminal is immediately scrubbed to ensure information is valid, not from a known offender, and payment is from a bank account with a positive balance.

chexshield for check verification



To access consumer factors and check writing behaviors



With names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, and more



Refer to consumers with positive checking history



About individuals with unpaid check claims


Identity verification

Details from LexisNexis and Equifax


Weekly updated

DMV files from various states for identity validation

The Benefits

Increase profitability, save time disputing bad checks, and protect your business from avoidable financial harm with CheXshield.

  • Instant red flags so you can take immediate action and block false transactions.
  • Access to current payment records via our online portal.
  • Save money on losses due to fraudulent transactions.
  • First-time bad check writers are added in the database to prevent future damage.

Empower Your Business

CheXshield is convenient and cost effective. Typically, for each dollar spent on check verification, you save two dollars in overall loss prevention. Boost maximum profitability and protect your company from harmful scammers.