Collection Agencies

Effective tools boost success, revenue, efficiency, and help clientele pay in a timely manner.

The leading way to pay and collect.

Collection agencies deal with mid to high-risk customers where invalid checks and delayed payments are standard. We specialize in payment processing for mid to high-risk entities.

We guarantee reliability, respect, and unparalleled resources for you to receive check payments quickly and affordably.

How Virtual Check Works

Minimize your workload cleaning up bad checks and provide clients with a variety of payment making options.

When ACH and other merchant accounts are not an option, Virtual Check provides a system designed for versatility. Pre-deposit check and address verification, return monitoring, and multiple data sources can protect your business from fraud.

Our check verification system, CheXshield, accesses millions of records on consumer check writing behavior to catch potential concerns before they become serious problems. When eChecks are entered into our Virtual Terminal, CheXshield instantly authenticates valid transactions so only verified payments are deposited into your account. Fraudulent transactions are red flagged in real-time.

Virtual Check’s leading edge technology saves you time and money. Enjoy a significant reduction in returns and chargebacks and save yourself the hassle of handling physical paper checks.