Virtual Terminal

Countless Benefits – Minimum Headache

With virtual terminal solutions from Virtual Check, you can interact with the central hub of all payment activity within your business. Our virtual terminal allows you to process payments within the terminal and manage payments processed through our secure hosted online payment pages. The Virtual Check virtual terminal is intuitive and user-friendly – guaranteeing a streamlined payment processing experience.

Our virtual terminal seamlessly links to the wide variety of core features integrated into Virtual Check. Every Virtual Check merchant is provided access to our virtual terminal at no additional cost. The virtual terminal gives you the ability to:
Upload batch payments
Process payments through a customer-facing online payment page
Set up a recurring bill schedule
Instantly verify eCheck transactions

Virtual Check and You

The virtual terminal provided by Virtual Check is the all-in-one tool that your business has been looking for. The virtual terminal will not only make your company more profitable – it is guaranteed to provide you, your employees, and your customers with a payment solution that is easy to use, efficient, and secure.
Our virtual terminal – working in tandem with our unsurpassed customer service, a vast array of features and services, as well as our passion for making your business successful makes for a unique package that is otherwise in a league of its own.
Our solution is designed to do more than securely process payments. It empowers you to analyze trends, track business needs, and make smart decisions. Our virtual terminal includes is a complete set of reports to help you track receivables, control inventory and reorder points, and effectively manage cash flow. The virtual terminal also allows you to:

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