About Virtual Check

Virtual Check has a lot of incredible features that will help you optimize your business - increasing profitability, productivity, and efficiency. Utilizing these tools sometimes can be difficult for some merchants. Understanding this barrier, Virtual Check has created an online resource for you and your business to use so that you can use Virtual Check to the fullest extent.

How to Process E-Checks on Virtual Check

The first addition to the Virtual Check tutorial library covers the basic function of the Virtual Check Virtual Terminal - how to accept electronic check payments.

Batch File Processing on Virtual Check

Batch File Processing is one of the many incredibly useful tools in the Virtual Check toolbox. Utilizing Batch File Processing is most useful to merchants who process large quantities of transactions - as uploading a batch will cut down the time usually required to enter a Virtual Check manually in the Virtual Terminal. That being said, it is often a confusing process to merchants who have never used a Batch File before. The Virtual Check team is here to help! Continuing our video tutorial series, our team has created a tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating and uploading a Batch File.

Reporting Tools on Virtual Check

One of the most valuable tools that Virtual Check provides is the in depth processing reports. These reports are useful because the reports allow merchants to have a comprehensive look at their transaction history. This transaction history aids merchants with financial report development, successful versus declined transactions tracking, and the pursuing of customers associated with declined transactions. Checking your reports is a crucial part of processing with Virtual Check. In this video tutorial, the Virtual Check team walks you through the process of checking your reports, the information disclosed in the reports, and lastly why checking your reports is important.

Still Need Help?

If you still have questions or concerns regarding any of the Virtual Check products or features, don’t worry! Feel free to contact our support staff at 1-800-838-8651.