Travel Agencies

The travel industry is a far more complex and far-reaching landscape than it was just a couple of decades ago. While travel agents and airlines used to be the primary beneficiaries of this favorite American pastime, today's market includes websites, apps and online communities that can have a significant influence on the habits of travelers.

Virtual Check and Travel Agencies

As the travel industry has been streamlined by the internet, nearly all of the transactions are exchanged online and require a secure, reliable program for processing and verification. For certain merchants in travel, a high-risk status and inability to qualify for ACH mean they are at a loss for trustworthy processing of their customers' checks. Worse, these businesses may spend a great deal of time dealing with things like check returns and chargebacks. This is why Virtual Check provides its customer with a travel merchant account that is secure and efficient.
Virtual Check understands that your company needs a secure, affordable and reliable resource for payment processing. Virtual Check lets merchants receive payments in the traditional avenues of fax, mail, the internet and over the phone. But Virtual Check doesn’t stop there – our services are highly flexible to suit the needs of you and your business.

Check Verification

No matter who's sending you checks, and from where in the world, Virtual Check makes sure that those checks are verified and valid before adding the money to your account. This is accomplished with authorization in the virtual terminal and check verification with the advanced analytics and multiple data sources of our revolutionary CheXshield verification program. Real-time results save you precious time and cut back on frustrating returns.


It goes without saying, Virtual Check makes use of the latest technology and ethical practices when supporting your check processing and deposit. We genuinely care about the success of our clients' endeavors and have designed a program that is intended to advance your business.
If you're tired of spending time and money returning checks and disputing chargebacks in the midst of providing great deals on hotels and flights, contact Virtual Check about implementing a travel merchant account that will integrate with your current site and enhance profitability.