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It's a sad truth that scandals within the timeshare industry have negatively impacted the field. While most professionals in this line of work spend their time marketing great vacation and getaway deals to consumers, the missteps of a few have sullied the industry as a whole. As a result, the industry is often viewed as high risk by payment managers, and may not qualify for merchant accounts, ACH or virtual check programs – creating a huge barrier to entry for those looking to start or maintain timeshare operations. Ultimately, these entrepreneurs must spend time and money dealing with the returns and chargebacks that an electronic system ought to be handling for them.

How Virtual Check Works

As with something like ACH, merchants using Virtual Check have the option to accept check payments over the phone, by fax, in the mail or via the Internet. What makes Virtual Check superior is that it works with the shopping carts or other payment systems you already have in place and serves to verify and validate checks before they enter your account. CheXshield – our industry leading check verification system – relies on numerous databases to do this quickly and accurately.
Even if you experience a large volume of checks in your timeshare business, Virtual Check keeps it simple by offering the option to bundle your checks into batch files. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Virtual Check’s system:
Real time, secure check processing
Tools to prevent fraud
Address and check verification
Encrypted data transmission
Access to a secure virtual terminal
Virtual Check makes entering the Timeshare market easier than ever before! By countering fraud, speeding up check verification and supporting the ethical nature of your business, this product drives your profitability in a secure and affordable way.

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