Secure Hosted Online Payment Page

Online Payments Page

Having an online payment page provides your customers with a secure and easy to use interface in which they can enter their payment information at their convenience. Online payment pages can increase your sales and give you a critical edge on your competitors. At Virtual Check, we can create easy to use, aesthetically pleasing online payment pages that are directly linked to your company’s payment processing activities managed through the Virtual Terminal .

Harness the Power of the Internet with Virtual Check’s Online Payment Page

You don’t have to be a coder with years of experience to get an online payment page from Virtual Check. Upon your request, our team of experts creates, hosts and maintains the online payment system on your behalf. All you have to do is provide your customers with the secure link. It’s incredibly simple! We understand that all businesses are different and as such we offer a variety of customizable features on our online payment pages such as:
Transaction by transaction data collection for up to the minute reporting and reconciliation with accounting and inventory topics
Payment authorization and receipt confirmations that are unique to users
Branding options – matching the professionalism and style of your very website
Secure transaction processing that is compliant with PCI standards
Automated emails for confirmation of payments

Maintained yet Accessible

Although your online payment page will be maintained by us, you still have access to options like:

Custom Solution, Better Results

Flexibility is our game - we are ready to partner with you on developing a payment page that is attractive, easy to use, and that includes all of the information that you would need for reports and processing. Leave the details and work to us – your payment processing needs are in our hands!