Remote Deposit Capture

Virtual Check's Remote Deposit Capture

Virtual Check's Remote Deposit Capture system (RDC) allows you to make secure deposits directly to your bank account. Our system processes the image of your scanned check over the Internet safely and efficiently and provides you with access to your account from anywhere at any time.

Electronic transactions support the confident meeting of deadlines and swift processing. The transportation of your check is secure, and accelerated check clearing reduces fraud risk. Any problems that arise are also identified and thus resolved, more quickly.

The RDC Process

Virtual Check’s RDC system is a web-based check scanning system. Remote Deposit Capture is suitable for all check volumes – tackling 1 or 2 checks a month or thousands at a time with ease. Using our virtual terminal, merchants submit the virtual check information directly into our highly secure database.

Virtual Check staff then prepares your electronic deposit by batching checks of any size or shape into a single deposit. Finally, our staff uses our high capacity check scanners to deposit your checks directly into your bank account – saving you precious time and money. From there your depository bank routes your checks for clearing to assure quality.

Virtual Check Remote Deposit Capture can reduce your banking costs through fees that are lower than those of traditional banking.

The Virtual Check RDC Advantage

Our system is setup to let you initiate transactions at your convenience – any time of the day or night, any day of the week. You can retain your existing bank account, and add the ease of consolidating deposits no matter where your offices are located.