Virtual Check Pharmaceuticals

The online pharmaceutical business can be incredibly lucrative, but is often riddled with issues with obtaining a virtual check program or merchant account due to the high risk of selling these types of products online. Virtual Check’s programs offer pharmacy merchants money-saving solutions to high-risk commerce by providing services for electronic check processing through a reliable virtual terminal.

How Virtual Check for Pharmaceuticals Works

Virtual Check’s payment processing service is a way for high-risk merchants who otherwise do not qualify for ACH to process electronic checks in an efficient manner. After the customer sends payment, the merchant enters this transaction into Virtual Check’s virtual terminal before processing the payment electronically and forwarding it to the bank for depositing. Virtual Check uses its secure check verification system to authenticate the payment. By using Virtual Check to authenticate the payment before processing, the merchant can avoid losses due to nonpayment while also reducing or minimizing banking fees. Apply for a pharmacy merchant account below!

Explore the Features and Benefits of Virtual Check

Virtual Check’s services come with an array of accurate reporting tools along with a robust payment gateway with advanced features such as:

Repeat and Recurring Billing Options

Virtual Terminal

Advanced Check Verification

Address Verification

Bank Routing

Fraud Prevention

Securely Encrypted Data Transmission

Batch Processing

Fast Transaction Confirmation

Account access and full reporting 24 hours per day

Make the Most of Your Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Whenever you’re ready to increase your income and cut down on nonpayment of products, turn to the experts at Virtual Check. Use the convenient contact form to request more information or speak to a representative about our pharmacy merchant account.