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Payday loans, or payday advances, are an option that often serves to support people financially until they get that next paycheck. In an economic climate like the current one, numerous individuals depend on the assistance of a payday loan to keep up on their bills, feed their families and pay the mortgage.
Unfortunately, many people form a dependence on these cash advances and end up in a cycle of getting behind and always owing. Eventually, this can lead to bounced checks, returned checks and lost money for parties on all sides.
We understand that you want to help your customers, but in order to do that, you must first have control of the money coming in and sustaining your business. This means minimizing time and money spent handling those returns, chargebacks and the like.

Virtual Check Supports Your Honest Business

You're in the business of helping customers when they need it most and want to do it in a way that works long term for everyone involved. One way to simplify and streamline the process, and keep the money where it belongs, is a check payment processing system that is fast and accurate. As your business may be considered a high-risk business due to the minimal funds of your customers, it can be tough to find a reputable company that will offer this service.
Virtual Check is the name you can trust to stand with you and work hard to make your check payments work for you. With steps and features like real time results, return monitoring, detailed data sources, and tips for return reduction, Virtual Check keeps tabs on the checks that you receive, and ensures that any problems are taken care of before they become time and money wasting burdens.

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Don't let terms like high risk and unqualified scare you into thinking that no reputable payment program will partner with you. Virtual Check is on your side and cares about your business and your customers as much as you do. Call today!