Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programs are a type of business model that encourages participants to build a team and work with that team to climb to the top levels of the company. This idea works very well for several people who dedicate themselves to the concept and can make participants extremely wealthy.

Virtual Check MLM

Historically speaking, MLM strategies often choose to implement tactics that are considered less than ethical – giving the business model an uncertain reputation. Furthermore, there is a lot of “turnover” in the scene, and people spending money they might not have in the hopes of making it all back. Lastly, you have a number of merchants who are competing with more traditional models over a simple difference in approach. The MLM professionals are often considered as high risk and have trouble qualifying for ACH or another payment program.
For the honest, motivated, and progressive MLM organizations in the market today there needs to be a method of check payment processing that supports their endeavors - providing an efficient and trustworthy terminal.
Take advantage of features like:

Industry leading check verification technology

Returns analysis

Real-time results

Comprehensive reporting

Intuitive Virtual Terminal

Virtual Check and Your MLM Business

Checks are coming in and out at a rapid pace across each level of your company. Undoubtedly, some of those check bounce, get returned or are charged back. Think of all the time, energy and money your company spends cleaning up after these little messes.
Virtual Check allows you to accept checks over the phone, in the mail, via fax, or over the Internet. Virtual Check then takes it step further by making chargebacks harder to obtain and verifying checks before depositing them into your account. The program will integrate seamlessly with your existing system, and uphold your brand while protecting your finances.

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