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Law Firms Enjoy the Effectiveness of Virtual Check

We give you the power to choose how you want the page to look, the payment options you want to include, and what kind of information you want to collect from customers. From there we do the rest!

Comprehensive, Customizable and Cost-Effective

The following features are just some of those you'll enjoy with Virtual Check:

Remote Deposit Capture

Integrated batch processing

Virtual Terminal

Seamless Reporting

Automated Payment Processor

Virtual Check's GM, Christopher Fleisch, says “Our robust virtual terminal is ideal to integrate with business software solutions. By integrating Virtual Check into daily operations, any law firm or technology provider for law firms can increase the value and functionality of its product, improving its customer experience.”
Law firms and practice management companies – no matter what their size – can benefit from the fast, secure and accurate processing with Virtual Check’s payment processing. With an approach that is affordable, strong and straightforward in operations, Virtual Check helps legal practices develop, implement and manage their payments.

An “All-in-One” System for Law Firms and Practice Management Companies

Collecting payment in legal practice can often be an uncertain process. Virtual Check strives to make the payment process more reliable while maintaining the speed, courtesy and respect your business is known for. The options and benefits of a Virtual Check payment program are numerous:
Develop and customize easily managed recurring payment schedules that are accurate and timely.
Easily convert large balances into a group of smaller installments with an automated process.
Deposit checks into your bank account electronically and without leaving your office.
Reduce costs with a program that is acquired, operated and maintained at a competitive price.
Accept payments securely over the Internet, and one-time payments over the phone

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These features and more integrate with your existing payment systems to support your accounting staff in administering all types of remittals. Usability, flexibility and security characterize the technology that lets you connect to your merchant account and provides convenient options for you and your clients. You can start small, expanding as your practice grows, and enjoy the comfort of sticking with the same system.