Virtual Check’s Features

Core Features

Virtual Check provides reliable, quality, and secure payment processing no matter the merchant's processing history or type of business. We focus on increasing business profitability through features that best allow for transactions between merchant and customer that are fast and have lower return rates. Our industry leading Virtual Check service, coupled with our CheXshield check verification system and Remote Deposit Capture capabilities is guaranteed to increase your business’ profitability.

Industries Served

The combination of a simple solution with beneficial results can make payment processing a means for significant improvement in your company. While electric payment processing was formerly only available to large businesses, Virtual Check makes this service accessible at businesses, no matter what size or what industry.

From health care and retail to non-profits and collections agencies, our clients are making strides with our program. Click here to discover the industries Virtual Check serves.

Discover Seamless Processing

The detrimental process of disputing a check after the fact is known to take an immense amount of time with little reward. Protect yourself and your business from people that may do you and your business harm.