Digital Products

The digital products industry is truly in its infancy, and the marketplace will be tweaking and experimenting with the sales and transactions for years to come. In the meantime, merchants who specialize in offering products that only exist in the digital world may find themselves up against some resistance from the traditional market. This disconnect could make it harder to obtain support for check payments.

Virtual Check's Digital Products

When your digital product company cannot make use of ACH or a number of commercial checking systems, turn to a provider who maintains merchant accounts in a wide variety of fields and industries, and is not intimidated by the challenge of a little risk. At Virtual Check, our goal is to increase your profitability by simplifying your check payment processing. From verifying payments to helping you and your business minimize check returns -Virtual Check specializes in making check payments work for you.

Virtual Check's the Answer to Check Returns, Wasted Money and ACH Slowdowns

With a Virtual Check merchant account, you can process check payments that you receive via phone, fax, Internet and mail. We use a check verifying tool, called CheXshield, to quickly establish the validity of the check, and deposit good payments into your account. You never have to see or touch an actual paper check, and you will save a bundle with reduced or eliminated returns and chargebacks.
Imagine the money you'll save when employees are no longer taking the time to track down bad check writers and deal with the back and forth of returns.Virtual Check's products outshine ACH by making chargeback initiation a greater challenge. This means you'll have fewer customers trying to get their money back for no reason, and see less money pulled out of your account for unwarranted customer refunds.

Put Us to Work for You

Virtual Check offers you a simple, reliable and affordable system for check payment processing that will increase the security of your digital products business. Through advanced technology, thorough reporting, attentive monitoring and returns analysis, we make checks easier than they've ever been. Contact us today!