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Virtual Check Credit Repair

Running a credit-repair operation offers the chance to reap lucrative profit, unfortunately, the growing number of scam artists who imitate these businesses have given credit repair merchants a bad reputation. This bad reputation means that it can be difficult for a new credit repair company to acquire a merchant account. Fortunately, Virtual Check has industry leading solutions to ensure that honest credit repair companies can thrive!

More about Virtual Check's Program

Also known in the industry as eCheck, our virtual check system provides high-risk merchants who don’t qualify for ACH with an efficient way to accept and process electronic payments or paperless checks. Following a virtual check payment from the customer, the credit repair merchant enters the transaction for verification into our virtual terminal. This step occurs before processing the virtual check payment, as well as before sending it to the merchant’s bank for deposit.
Through our elite check verification system CheXshield, the payment is authenticated before processing- ensuring the payment is not fraudulent. Our virtual check processing system ensures that credit repair merchants avoid losing funds due to nonpayment and banking fees. See how our credit repair merchant account can help your business run more efficiently.

More About CheXshield

Virtual Check uses a proprietary check verification system known as CheXshield to validate payments in real-time. The system helps reduce or even eliminate many check returns by utilizing a wide range of multiple data sources against which the virtual check payment is compared. With features like advanced analytics, best in class technology, and continual returns analysis, CheXshield by Virtual Check allows high-risk businesses like the credit repair industry to operate in security and without exorbitant fees most financial institutes charge. Take a look at some of the data sources CheXshield may access to verify virtual check programs:

Payment Processing at Its Finest

With this much technology and industry expertise backing the company, it makes sense to trust Virtual Check for your high-risk business. Apply and get your credit repair merchant account started today!