CheXshield Check Verification

Bad Checks

Are you concerned about getting a check that is fraudulent or otherwise invalid? Virtual Check’s industry leading CheXshield check verification system is guaranteed to crack down on fraudulent, or bad checks using our vast payment database. There are seldom things more frustrating than receiving a bad check or other form of payment for goods and services tendered. CheXshield and Virtual Check are taking a stand and fighting back against these violators.

CheXshield has a national database containing information that is cross referenced against your submitted forms of payment. All checks submitted through Virtual Check’s Virtual Terminal are immediately scrubbed to make sure that the submitted information is valid, not from a known offender, and that payment is from a bank account with a positive balance.

The Database

Studies have shown that 75% of bounced transactions could have been prevented if the checks were verified through a check verification system. Developed nearly two decades ago, our databases are connected to nearly 200,000 retail locations nationwide. Chexshield accesses nearly 13 million unique accounts and records.

You may be thinking that this process must take a fortnight - in reality it takes a matter of seconds. Wouldn’t you want to take the few extra seconds to ensure that your hard work is being realized in the form of a valid payment?

Virtual Check's Features

Even if you experience a large volume of checks in your timeshare business, Virtual Check keeps it simple by offering the option to bundle your checks into batch files. Click here to check out Virtual Check's core features. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Virtual Check’s system:
Instant access to payment records on our online portal
Real-time check verification – alerting you of any red flags
Access to our in depth check writing database
Save money on losses due to fraudulent transactions

Discover Seamless Processing

The detrimental process of disputing a check after the fact is known to take an immense amount of time with little reward. Protect yourself and your business from people that may do you and your business harm.