Upgrading to a Payment Gateway to Prepare for Cyber Monday

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For companies that run e-commerce websites, offering your customers a secure way to pay is critical to both conversion rates and customer retention. You want your website to offer a secure, convenient and fast way for your customers to make a purchase. Secure processing for payments is a big part of what helps make online consumers comfortable with an e-commerce website. Many retailers struggle with their expenses and sales through the month of November. At that point in the season, holiday spending often helps push these companies into the black, which is where the phrase Black Friday comes from. For online retailers, the next Monday, called Cyber Monday, is their equivalent shopping day. Websites offer incredible sales and special offers to attract customers on Cyber Monday. In order to make the most of this shopping holiday, you need to start planning now.

Early Adoption Allows You to Catch Issues Ahead of Time

If you wait until the week before Thanksgiving to update your website and prepare for Cyber Monday sales, you could end up destroying any chance you have of profiting from the online sales rush. Changes to your website, no matter how carefully done, almost always result in unexpected issues. Making these changes now allows you, your IT team and your customers to find issues that upgrades and changes may cause. That way, you can address them all now, ensuring that your website is fully functional and secure for the biggest online shopping day of the year. The longer you wait, the greater the potential for delays or technical issues cutting into your profits from Cyber Monday.

An Ecommerce Payment Gateway Lets Your Website Grow

Building your customer base involves a number of factors. You need to offer products that consumers want. You also need to have a reasonable pricing structure that competes with other online retailers but still allows you to profit. Your website needs to be simple to navigate and intuitive for customers to use. Finally, your checkout and payment processes must be simple, convenient and secure.

Adding an ecommerce payment gateway to your website can convert more customers with items in their carts into sales. When you use outside payment processing, the transfer to another site may be where you lose customers. Payment gateways allow your website to process payments quickly, without redirecting potential customers to another website. These gateways are also very secure, which can help customers make the final leap to purchasing your products.

The Right Gateway Makes a Difference

Not every payment gateway is created equal. Some gateways have major lag time or require a sign-in from your customer. The best payment gateway integrates with your existing site, processes a transaction quickly and confirms the sale with both your business and your new customer. Investing in a new payment gateway for your website now can make it more appealing and thus more successful during the holiday shopping season. Upgrading your payment system can drive new sales and instill a sense of security in new customers. A well-designed ecommerce payment gateway will work with your existing site and even with your shipping and accounting software. Don't wait until the year ends to upgrade your website's payment options. Invest in a payment gateway now to reap the benefits.

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