High Risk Businesses and Virtual Check

Starting a business is a fairly arduous task - acquiring a business license, opening a bank account, filing with the IRS - each item taking longer than the last. Starting a high-risk business is even harder as owners are inserting themselves into a world that is a constant uphill battle primarily because of the negative stereotypes often associated with high-risk businesses. All of this legwork is a hurdle for business owners, and that's even before trying to find a payment provider. Most payment providers seldom touch high-risk businesses which inhibits honest businesses from conducting everyday operations, growing, and serving widely needed markets such as Financial Lenders, Remote Technical Support, and Credit Repair Agencies. This growing need has put Virtual Check in the unique position to serve this otherwise underserved, overly stereotyped market by providing best-in-class merchant services.

Virtual Check’s Tools for Your High-Risk Business

With all of the hurdles that hamper business growth - regulatory and social - Virtual Check’s products will give you the peace of mind to continue operating, and will also give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. Virtual Check’s eCheck platform will allow your business to accept eCheck payments effortlessly as Virtual Check’s vast array of tools and products includes Secure Hosted Online Payment Pages, Real-Time Check Verification, Virtual Terminal, Recurring Billing, Batch Payment Processing, and Remote Deposit Capture.

Secure Hosted Online Payment Page

Virtual Check’s Online Payment Pages are designed to cut down on the amount of work you and your employees have to do while processing eCheck payments while giving your customer the peace of mind that their information is being handled securely. A Secure Online Payment Page comes in the form of a link to a secure web-page where your customer can input their payment information quickly and easily.

Real-Time Check Verification

Real-Time Check Verification is the “Cadillac” of check verification if you will. Verifying a check in real-time gives your business the most accurate and reliable information about check payments from your customers. Verifying a check with Virtual Check’s Real-Time Check Verification system will prevent 95% of check returns from your bank - using older platforms rooted in a database has the potential for disaster as database check verification uses older and often unreliable information.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Check’s Virtual Terminal is the hub for all eCheck processing on Virtual Check. The Virtual Terminal is a secure and easy to use terminal that will give you and your business to process payments, set payment schedules, and access extensive processing reports. Virtual Check’s Virtual Terminal is unparalleled in functionality and will increase the efficiency of your business operations.

Recurring Billing

It is common knowledge that subscription-based businesses often struggle to collect payments on a set schedule because of unreliable means of tracking customers. No matter how many reminders your business has set, businesses often cannot accurately track the regular billing of customers involved with a subscription. If your business charges payments on a regular basis - Virtual Check’s recurring billing tool will allow you and your business to set a payment schedule for your customers. Utilizing Virtual Check’s Recurring Billing tool will increase the collection of your money from your customers while tracking, and reporting each payment in an easy-to-use fashion.

Batch Payment Processing

Batch Payment Processing is the easiest way to process large volumes of eCheck payments. Manually entering hundreds of transactions is tedious work - consuming vast amounts of time. Virtual Check has incorporated Batch Payment Processing as a means to minimize merchants’ workloads - affording them more time to focus on the operations of the business and not the facilitation of payments.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is an industry-leading technology that allows payment processors to act as a virtual bank teller. Utilizing a Remote Deposit Capture system cuts a large portion of work out of eCheck processing by giving Virtual Check a direct line to your bank account. This gives Virtual Check the ability to deposit funds directly into your account - cutting down on settlement times. Virtual Check offers Remote Deposit Capture as an additional add-on to its services but the system pays for itself almost immediately.

Virtual Check and Your High-Risk Business

The Virtual Check team is devoted to providing you and your customers with a seamless payment processing solution. From its diverse product line to its friendly and courteous support staff - Virtual Check is guaranteed to help your business thrive no matter the industry you are in. If you have any questions about Virtual Check or its products, please email support@virtualcheck.com or feel free to call at 1-800-838-8651.

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