How to Process an eCheck on Virtual Check

Champion of industry, Virtual Check continues to provide seamless and innovative payment solutions for all types of merchants. In this video tutorial, Virtual Check's support team provides insightful guidance on how to process an eCheck with Virtual Check.

Virtual Check Tutorials: How to Accept Electronic Check Payments

Virtual Check Tutorials

Virtual Check has a lot of incredible features that will help you optimize your business - increasing profitability, productivity, and efficiency. Utilizing these tools sometimes can be difficult for some merchants. Understanding this barrier, Virtual Check has created an online resource for you and your business to use so that you can use Virtual Check to the fullest extent.

Processing an eCheck with Virtual Check

The first addition to the Virtual Check tutorial library covers the basic function of the Virtual Check Virtual Terminal - how to accept electronic check payments. If you still have questions about processing an eCheck after watching this initial video, please feel free to contact our support staff at 1-800-838-8651.

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