Virtual Check for Your Business

Virtual Check continues to be the industry leading E-Check platform- but how exactly is an E-Check processed and what does Virtual Check do differently than its competitors?

Taking the First Step

Virtual Check’s online application process starts with a thorough assessment of the merchant for a number of reasons. For one, Virtual Check understands that not all businesses are the same. As such, Virtual Check strives to provide a custom experience to each merchant - ensuring that the merchant’s business will excel using Virtual Check and its line of products.

After the Virtual Check team assesses the needs of their merchant, the Virtual Check team activates the merchant account assigned to the merchant and, upon request, will provide training on the Virtual Check gateway.

Virtual Check Processing

Virtual Check’s processing may seem complex - but it’s quite simple! If taking a payment, Virtual Check provides a number of solutions to ensure a seamless payment process including a Virtual Terminal, Real-Time Check Verification, Secure Online Payment Page, and Remote Deposit Capture.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Check’s virtual terminal is an incredibly intuitive and useful interface that is one of a number of ways to accept virtual check payments. The virtual terminal gives you access to processing reports and processing history while also giving you the tools necessary to create a virtual check, upload a batch file, and create a recurring payment schedule. The virtual terminal is the cornerstone of Virtual Check and will be the hub all of your Virtual Check needs.

Real-Time Check Verification

There are many features that set Virtual Check apart from the industry however the feature that provides the biggest advantage is the Real-Time Check Verification system. All E-Check providers provide some verification platform however not all provide Real Time Verification. Real Time Verification is truly the only way to know if you’re getting the best payment from your customer. Virtual Check’s verification system assesses each payment to check for closed or frozen accounts, NSF, registered account and routing numbers, and a positive bank balance. This verification system safeguards you and your business from being wrongfully shut down by your bank and protects your business from fraudulent transactions.

Secure Online Payment Page

Looking for a way to accept a payment online from your customer without having to manually input payment information by hand? The Secure Online Payment Page is highly encrypted to protect your consumer’s information and will provide you with an easy way to accept payments online. Virtual Check’s operations team will generate a page for your business upon request - providing you with a page that is aesthetically pleasing, and easily integrated into your existing website.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture has become an industry standard for same day check deposits. Working with your depository bank, Virtual Check can provide Remote Deposit Capture to make same-day deposits into your bank account. The Remote Deposit Capture system cuts down on the processing time of your checks, save you money otherwise spent on shipping, and will ensure that you get your money faster.

Virtual Check and Your Business

The Virtual Check team is devoted to providing your business with industry leading E-Check solutions. Virtual Check will give your business cost effective solutions that will give your company a competitive edge. Reach out to Virtual Check today and supercharge your payment processing.

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